To Hell with New Year’s. WeHo Celebrates the End of the World

Mayan Calendar

We were thinking the End of the World would have been Mitt Romney’s election as president. Now that we no longer have reason to worry about that, City Hall is suggesting the end might come on Dec. 21, and we should all celebrate. The city’s first ever End of the World party (and likely the last one if Dec. 22 doesn’t happen), will feature special promotions from businesses such as the Abbey, Block Party WeHo, Eleven Nightclub, Fiesta Cantina, Mickey’s, Revolver and Yogurt Stop. Other sponsors are the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Visit West Hollywood. For those of you wondering whether our local politicians are completely off their rockers, we should tell you that the event is also a celebration of the end of the Mayan calendar. “This falls in the category of ‘only in West Hollywood,'” said councilmember John Duran in an uncharacteristic understatement. “Whether December 21st marks the end of the world, the beginning of new human consciousness or just another Friday night – West Hollywood is always there for a cheeky moment and a reason to celebrate.”

By the way, we’re going to hedge our bets and put off Christmas shopping until the 22nd!

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