Nuns on the Run(way): Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Host ‘Blasphemous Queer Fashion Show’

Atilla D'Nun
Atilla D’Nun

Promising a high-concept, “blasphemous queer fashion show like no other,” the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will host Project NunwayLA on November 8.

The fashion show and designer competition, a benefit for Being Alive and Life Group LA, will take place at 5 p.m. at West Hollywood Park Auditorium, 647 N San Vicente Blvd. at El Tovar. This year’s theme is “DREAMSCAPE: Surrealism in Fashion.”

“This annual event invites designers and creative artists to stretch the absolute limits of creativity, beauty and concept,” according to the press release. “Project NunwayLA is about fashion, art, queers, and over-the-top vision! Too far is NOT enough!

“Over 25 designers including well-established professionals, Hollywood veterans, Emmy-winning makeup artists, and fashion savvy renegades will create one-of-a-kind fashionable art for Project NunwayLA; they are currently designing and producing garments exclusively for this amazing fashion show.”

Judges include: ChiChi LaRue, director, DJ and drag celebrity; Ann Walker of Sordid Lives; Carlos Vasquez, designer and instructor; Mary Norris Brannon, designer and instructor; and Perry Ash, winner of Project NunwayLA 2013.

The Abbey and Micky’s will host a private VIP party. There will be special guest appearances by: Momma, drag perfomer/activist; Grace Towers, gender illusionist and performance artist; and Glitz Glam, RAW Artists Makeup Artist of the Year 2013.

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7 years ago

Isn’t it time this group retired or started making fun of Protestants or Muslims for a change? Their shtick is tired! I am a proud, out gay man and I have to say these clowns annoy me. Please don’t tell me about all their charitable efforts. The KKK, another anti-Catholic group, also did a lot of charitable things. I agree with Mike – in the year 2014 they are an embarrassment to the community and it’s time to acknowledge that.

mike dunn
7 years ago

They are an embarrassment to the community. Transsexuals are one thing but these QUEENS are another. How is the GLBT community going to be accepted when CLOWNS like this group continues to run around?

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