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WEHOville - Saturday With Dichen Lachman

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his Thursday ABC aired the first episode of “Last Resort,” a series about the renegade crew of a U.S. submarine, wrongly declared enemies of their own country, who land on an obscure island in the Pacific and plot a way to prove their innocence.

And what will Dichen Lachman, who stars as Tani Tumrenjack in this action-packed thriller, be doing this weekend? She’s likely to be serving friends a homemade meal beside the pool where she finally can lounge now that she’s returned from the “Last Resort” set in Hawaii.

Lachman, born in Kathmandu, Nepal, and raised in Australia, also starred in Joss Whedon’s science fiction TV series “Dollhouse” and as “Suren” in the supernatural series “Being Human.” She lives with her boyfriend Max and dog Whisky in a 1941 West Hollywood complex whose residents hail from Croatia, Italy and Germany as well as more conventional locations in the United States.

Her idea of a perfect Saturday in West Hollywood?

“I love spending my time off at home,” Lachman said. “I’m fortunate enough to live in a community of wonderful people, and we often find ourselves by the pool enjoying the endless sunny Saturdays.

“Recently I have spent so much time away from home. Hardly anything shoots in LA anymore — which is another conversation — and what I miss most is the community I live in and the satellite folk who come by and join in. Which may be obvious. But I have learned that many people feel isolated and lonely in this town and I am grateful that I have a little family here in this little nook in West Hollywood.


“Few things come close to cooking and sharing a meal with the people you call home, and being away from them gives you some perspective on what it means to share your life experience. ”

And on those rare occasions when the sky clouds and the pool empties?

“I’m also a nester,” Lachman said. “I love cleaning and moving furniture around my little one-bedder. I find it’s my version of a meditation. ”

“Last Resort” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on KABC.

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