Brad Pitt on Friday!?! Mwah! We Got Tix for Saturday!

Brad Pitt stunned the folks in the sparsely populated theatre at Sundance Sunset Cinemas on Friday night (Oct. 12), by stepping forward to introduce Eugene Jarecki’s “The House I Live In.” reports that Pitt joked about his past drug use and told the audience that the war on drugs is a costly failure. “Hi, everybody. I’m Brad Pitt,” was how the man who needs no introduction introduced himself. “And I’m a drug addict.” Pitt was just joking, but there’s nothing funny about the Jarecki film, of which he was executive producer. The documentary looks at the expensive failure of America’s war on drugs and the damage it has done to urban and African-American communities poor white communities where methamphetamine use and dealing has become more common.

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