Faces Behind the Labels: Julia Clancey

Juila Clancey
Julia Clancey is a fashion designer who knows how to have a bit of fun with her work. With her love of jewel clusters and dramatic cuts, she puts a spin on old Hollywood for today’s generation that includes Christine Teigen, Megan Fox and Leanne Rimes. Her collections even have names like “Slinky Little Sirens” and “Diamonds & Pearls.” Her dangerously sexy accessories line, Adornments, offers an air of mystery with sparkly beaded headbands, masks and wrist cuffs.


Why did you choose West Hollywood?

I chose the Marina when I first moved here because I like being near the ocean and I do a lot of sports, so it made more sense for me to be there. The problem is that to work on films and even having my showroom, it’s just too far for people to go to the marina. Nobody wants to go unless they go on the weekends.

You design a lot of dresses for a younger audience. Does the street fashion in West Hollywood affect your design ideas?

Sorry. What? Fashion in West Hollywood? (laughs) There’s a real lack of fashion in West Hollywood. There’s no showcase in L.A. for designers. There’s L.A. Fashion Week and you would never know it. You couldn’t describe West Hollywood as fashionable. That’s Los Angeles. It’s hot. It’s outdoors. I didn’t move here for the business, I moved here for the quality of life.

I’m originally from York, but I traveled a lot. I lived in the Greek Islands. I lived in Australia. To me, Los Angeles has the feel of that quality of life.

Do you ever adjust people’s wardrobes on the street?

I’ve given up. What’s the point? I spend a lot of time in New York, and I get my balance of style from New York. Here, it’s like a holiday resort. It’s completely different. It’s so hot. A lot of people just don’t even want to get dressed up, but in New York that’s crazy talk.

Julia Clancey West Hollywood Fashion Designer

WEHOville Feature - Julia Clancey

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