WeHo Council Members John Duran, John D’Amico Discuss Their HIV Status


West Hollywood city council members, hiv, world aids day
John D’Amico, left, and John Duran
In recognition of World AIDS Day, West Hollywood city council members John Duran and John D’Amico engaged in a very personal discussion about their own experience with HIV in a video posted on Huffington Post. D’Amico and Duran are two of only three elected officials in the United States who are open about being HIV positive. Tom Duane, who recently announced his retirement as a state senator in New York, revealed his HIV positive status in 1991. Duran and D’Amico discuss their ideal of making West Hollywood, 40 percent of whose residents are reportedly gay men, virus free and making the city a refuge from the stigma associated with HIV.
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11 years ago

Both Mr. Duran and Mr. D’Amico have my respect for their openess about their own health matters. Their comments should give hope and faith to others that previously “incurable” conditions” are not shameful nor do they stand in the way of hopes and ambitions. I too have one of those “no cure yet” diseases – Hep C – and understand the complicated feelings they cause. Once you have pushed those complications aside – a life well lived is the best treatment plan until something better is found. Good on both of them!

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