WeHo Council Candidates Schukraft and Wiggs Report Donations

Tristan Schukraft
Tristan Schukraft

Tristan Schukraft, a candidate in the March 5 election for the West Hollywood City Council, has reported campaign funding of $3,383 to date, all in the form of loans to himself. Candidate Rusty Wiggs, whose donation report also was made public today by the City Clerk’s office, reported no donations. Not yet public is the donation report from Christopher Landavazzo.

To date, reports released by the City Clerk’s office show, in order of size, the following donations through Jan. 19, 2013:

City Councilmember John Duran, $58,315; challenger Sam Borelli, $20,358; Mayor Jeffrey Prang, $17,525, challenger Steve Martin, $8,460; Schukraft, $3,383, challenger Nick Garzilli, $400, challenger Tom Demille, $184 and Wiggs, $0.

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