Sensational Sweats

As we’ve pointed out before, WeHo loves the hooded sweatshirt. But while most don blah blues and grays on rainy winter weekends, a few people know how to stand out with their punchy style choices. (Oh, and we’d be lying if we said good looks weren’t a factor.)

Scott sweats

Scott King, Hairstylist

Scott, 24, was strolling down Robertson when the giant letters on his PAR-LA sweatshirt went Blam! Look at me. Having just moved to WeHo from D.C., he’s already a fan of the store (at Santa Monica Boulevard and Harper).


Crystal sweats

Crystal Monte, Model

We could tell Monte, 28, wasn’t trying very hard to get noticed, but at about 6-feet tall, she’s hard to miss. Plus, we fell in love with her quintessential California style, from her rust-colored hoodie and Broken Social Scene T-shirt to her cozy boots and matching striped tube socks. Turns out, she really is a California girl! Born and raised in Walnut, Calif., she now lives in West Hollywood.

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