Argument Against Measure C and Rebuttal


Argument Against Measure C

Preserve your right to vote for the candidate of your choice. Vote No on Measure C.  Measure C takes away your rights as a voter. Currently you can vote for any candidate for City Council, a newcomer or an experienced councilmember. If Measure C is enacted, you will lose that choice. Experienced candidates won’t be allowed to run for election if Measure C is enacted.  Shouldn’t you be allowed to vote for anyone if you think the person has done a good job? Measure C arbitrarily eliminates candidates with experience and knowledge from serving on your City Council.

West Hollywood does not need Measure C. We have elections every two years. Every two years you have the right to vote councilmembers out of office if you don’t like the job they are doing.

West Hollywood is economically strong and we don’t need Measure C. Each year we put money into reserves to handle unexpected costs and to make community improvements. We have effective law enforcement from our Sheriff’s Department. We have extensive social services. We maintain our roads. We have great residents and neighborhoods. Many attribute our success to dedicated and stable leadership at City Hall.  Whether you agree or not, we don’t need Measure C for our city to work well.

The state legislature has term limits and no one thinks Sacramento is more effective as a result. When term limits went into effect, the legislature weakened tenants’ rights and couldn’t adopt a budget. We don’t need Sacramento-style dysfunction in West Hollywood.

Those behind Measure C enlisted the support of a Republican consulting group to put Measure C on the ballot. This is the same group that helped pass Proposition 8 which denies marriage to LGBT people. Don’t be fooled by this divisive measure. Vote No on Measure C.

Jeffrey Prang, Mayor of West Hollywood

Ruth Williams, Public Safety Commissioner

Laurence Zakson, Past President West Hollywood Democratic Club

Rob Bergstein, Captain, Genesee Neighborhood Watch

Ruth Tittle, CEO, Capitol Drugs, Inc.


Rebuttal to the Argument Against Measure C

Measure C was placed on the ballot by dedicated community leaders, your friends and neighbors, who are concerned about the future of our City.  More than 60 volunteers collected thousands of signatures to put Measure C on the ballot.


Entrenched incumbents have become complacent and deaf to the voices of our community.  Campaign contributions from special interest groups make for less competitive elections, and dissuade well-qualified people from seeking office.  West Hollywood can do better.

We can do better than live in a City where a well-connected lobbyist is allowed to run the campaigns of councilmembers, while at the same time, lobbying those same councilmembers on behalf of clients with business before the City.

Do not be fooled by the opponents of Measure C.  They will spend thousands and say anything to maintain the status quo. Measure C’s only consultant lives in West Hollywood, supports marriage equality and won an award for his work against Prop 8.  If they would lie about that, what else will they lie about?

The City of Los Angeles and the State of California have both amended their term limits to make them 12 years long, addressing the shortcomings of tighter term limits.

Measure C gets it right the first time and deserves your YES vote.

Your YES vote on Measure C will reduce the power and influence of City Hall lobbyists and special interests.

West Hollywood deserves better. Vote YES on Measure C for Change at City Hall.

Join us at

Allegra Allison, Founder Save Tara, Founding Member of the West Hollywood Neighborhood Alliance

John Altschul, Planning Commissioner, West Hollywood

Larry Block, Owner Block Party Weho, Chairman Disabilities Advisory Board

Stephanie J. Harker, Co-Founder Protect Plummer Park

Steve Martin, Former President, Stonewall Democratic Club

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