Cher Puts Condo on Market, Removing Another Star from the WeHo Sky


Cher Sierra Towers
First Elton John, then Chris Brown, then Jerry Herman and now Cher! Pardon us for sounding like Frenchmen mourning Gerard Depardieu’s decision to leave France.But it breaks our heart to hear that so many celebrities are leaving WeHo (well, not Chris Brown). CelebDigs reports that Cher has put her duplex in Sierra Towers, 9255 Doheny Rd. near Sierra Alta Way, on the market for $5.5 million. Cher bought the apartment, the only duplex in Sierra Towers, from Vincent Gallo in 2006 for a reputed $4.5 million. CelebDigs says “Million Dollar Decorator” star Martyn Lawrence-Bullard redesigned the place into what Cher calls an “ethnic, spicy and romantic” pad. If you’re in the market for a fab condo, but $5.5 million is a little out of your range, check out Jerry Herman’s place at Empire West Condos complex, located just off Sunset Boulevard at 1100 Alta Loma Rd. The listing price is only $4.2 million. Let’s hope the new owner of Cher’s place is as fabulous as she is (if that’s even possible).
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11 years ago

How interesting that Cher was living in Vincent Gallo’s ex home. Gallo is a genius filmmaker, genius actor. genius musician but more than all that i guess he is rich and a genius when it comes to real estate. Before selling the place to share Vincent Gallo was working with the brilliant architect Rem Koolhaas to redesign the place. Some renderings of the design can be seen in Rem’s company OMA’s book of works.

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