LA County Dem Party Endorses Prang, Duran

LA County Democratic Party president Eric Bauman.
LA County Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman.

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party has endorsed incumbents Mayor Jeffrey Prang and Councilmember John Duran in their re-election bids on the 2013 ballot.

“Jeffrey Prang and John Duran are longtime fighters who have time and again stood up for West Hollywood,” party Chairman Eric Bauman said in a statement. “That’s why they have earned the endorsement and strong support of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. We look forward to working with Prang and Duran in the fight for Democratic values and for our community.”

The LA County Democratic Party previously voted to oppose proposed term limits for West Hollywood city council members because, according to Bauman, it’s “a divisive measure funded and led by Republicans and failed candidates for city council …”

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Woody McBreairty
Woody McBreairty
10 years ago

Money is the god of the mercenary. They don’t care where it comes from as long as they get it. Money feeds their ego & lust for power. The 2011 election was a wake up call for West Hollywood, and although it didn’t bring us the “change” we had hoped for, We Ho voters are more aware than ever of political corruption & contamination of the system that is supposed to serve them. The 2013 election will be a large turn out of voters armed with more information & awareness than ever before, and we will have real change that… Read more »

ChadMichael Morrisette
10 years ago

I love how this irrelevant group endorse the incumbents who are getting donations from mega rich out of city developers but have issue with Kevin James having out of state funding for his Mayoral race. Double standard?! Makes me wonder how many of the mega rich developers and their out of state and unaware family members are republican? Are the WEHO city council seats bought by republicans????? Hmmmmm

10 years ago

bauman is a gay and a former trauma nurse???….what prepared HIM for that job???…..bully tractics?….maybe there really IS a gay maffia….

Michael Mooney
10 years ago

This is why I was raised in a Democrat household/family, but am a political Independent. With brainless thugs like Bauman running the local Dem party, I won’t be part of the “herd” that blindly follows their idiotic directives, as they lead their followers off the cliff. I hear many of my Democrat friends complain that the “leaders” – meaning Bauman, Duran, etc… don’t pay any attention to what they want or let them have any kind of voice in decisions that affect them. This speaks of big money ruling what these “leaders” mandate – not necessarily the wishes or the… Read more »

Woody McBreairty
Woody McBreairty
10 years ago

Isn’t this the same guy who endorsed Lindsey Horvath? According to the L.A. Weekly, who exhibited such intimidating behavior at the endorsement meeting, walking around the room like an old school political thug, staring people down? They say he called the L.A. Weekly a “trash paper” because he didn’t like one of their political stories. The voters of West Hollywood have grown so weary & tired of this meaningless “endorsement” crap that has so cheapened our political process & in many cases have turned people off from getting involved at all. This guy doesn’t even live in West Hollywood &… Read more »

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