PHOTOS: Opening Night at Don’t Tell Mama

Erik Smith Piano Bar Side with Bar and Dining
Pianist Erik Smith performs.

Piano bar Don’t Tell Mama opened Tuesday night (Feb. 26) in West Hollywood, offering up a temporary group of performers from its iconic New York stable.

Singers and pianists from the 30-year-old NYC Don’t Tell Mama, many with Broadway credentials, have flown to LA to perform at the newly opened WeHo version. Those performers will also assist with auditions and mentoring as musical director Ryan O’Connor puts together an LA staff.

Performers Tuesday included: Tara Moran, Tommy Dose, Jon Satrom, Laura Pavles, Lauren Turner, Alaina Mills, and pianist Erik James.

Below, see scenes from opening night. And for more info on Don’t Tell Mama, click here.

Don't Tell Mama
Lauren Turner performs.

Don't Tell Mama Outside Patio looking in at Don't Tell Mama. Pianist Erik Smith performs. Pianist Erik Smith performs. Don't Tell Mama Don't Tell Mama

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Al Strasburg
Al Strasburg
11 years ago

I think it makes good business sense to bring the experienced staff and talent to open the restaurant and provide a great transition to local staff and talent. So many restaurants fail in the early months as they attempt to work out new business kinks. The owners at DTM had the good sense of mind to do a full-on opening with their talent from NY, I applaud the decision. Further, Broadway is Broadway and it’s in NY. How many travelling musicals use local talent? I was there last night and it was a darned good opening night, including an open-mike… Read more »

Jon Ponder
Jon Ponder
11 years ago

Am I reading the Onion? The musical director for a piano bar in West Hollywood couldn’t find anyone here — no one among the tens of thousands of singers and muscians in Los Angeles — who could sing and play piano sufficiently well to perform at the bar’s opening and so had to import talent from New York? And, according to the article, when he does scrounge up local singers and pianists — assuming he can find any — he’ll need the New Yorkers to stay and “mentor” them? It appears that the New Yorkers behind Don’t Tell Mama have… Read more »

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