WeHo Dodgeball Week 4: Teams Battle for No. 1 Ranking

This week, the two top-ranked teams faced off in a battle for dominance on the dodgeball court at the West Hollywood Park recreation center.

Dodgeball for Dummies (D4D) and Tuesday Night Lights have been the frontrunners in the Tuesday night league, but there can be only one top team.

The usual playful dancing and cat calls between the teams quickly evaporated as the match got under way.

D4D showed up in new uniforms, and took an early lead. But Tuesday Night Lights came back before the half. Despite having just one final member on the court, they pulled out a victory.

After the teams switched sides, the tides turned as D4D’s Noah R-S was the last man standing.

He knocked out a number of competitors, but was ultimately too out-numbered and D4D took another win.

The rest of the match was a shutout. D4D won the final matches and brought home a 7-2 victory.

All final scores are below:

Heathers 10, Rise of the Unicorns 0

Not In The Face 6, Misfits 4

Boobie Warriors 4, It Gets Butter 3

Ballz Deep 4, Amazeballs 3

Better Late Than Pregnant 3, Power Bottoms 2

D4D 7, Tuesday Night Lights 2


WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
They’ve got spirit, yes they do. D4D shows off their new team uniforms.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
Michael Farmer adds some flair with colorful leggings.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
D4D attacks.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
Last man standing.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
James Corp (left, in purple) waits to strike.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
The refs don’t have it easy with all the balls flying around.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
Tuesday Night Lights brings the action.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
Tuesday Night Lights goes for ball control.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
Noah R-S blocks a throw.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
D4D gets some air.
WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13
The teams congratulate each other on a good game.

WeHo Dodgeball 2-26-13

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Jon Viscott
10 years ago

I was only able to shoot one match that night. Don’t worry we will have plenty more coverage in the weeks to come.

10 years ago

Thanks for covering!!

Joshua Bevier
Joshua Bevier
10 years ago

I love that you cover weho dodgeball!

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