‘Frigid’ Temperatures Call for Fur


Alexie StreetWalker

OK, “frigid” is an overstatement for 58-degree weather but this is West Hollywood. People around here go gaga for winter gear as soon as the temperature dips below 65. For example, these lovely ladies seized the opportunity to break out their furry best:


Hayli Melinda StreetWalker

Hayli Nemeth, Student, and Melinda Miller-Rider, Hair Colorist

San Diego natives Nemeth, left, and Miller-Rider, right, were strolling down Melrose Place with a friend when we noticed their faux-fur-lined vests. Nemeth, 21, couldn’t recall where she got hers (“somewhere on (3rd Street) Promenade”), while Miller-Rider, 26 — a colorist’s assistant at Andy Lecompte salon — picked hers up at a thrift store.


 Alexie StreetWalker

Alexie Gilmore, Actress

Gilmore, who is “in her 30s” (or 36, according to IMDB), lives in West Hollywood but is originally from New York City, where she picked up these chic Pajar cold-weather boots at Bloomingale’s. We snapped her wearing them while shopping at the Melrose Place Farmer’s Market, Sundays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. between La Cienega Boulevard and Orlando Avenue.



Svetlana StreetWalker

Svetlana Malaya, Retail Sales Manager

We chatted with Malaya, 34, while she was smoking a cigarette on Melrose Avenue. Originally from Russia, Malaya works at M Premium, a clothing store at Melrose and Sierra Bonita avenues just outside West Hollywood. As for her (real) fur coat, she found it at a vintage resale shop for only $65. (Major steal!)

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10 years ago

aw cmon chloe, you really don’t want to discuss FUR all over again???….hope ed buck doesn’t see this

Chloe Ross
10 years ago

The example of dreaded fur should be dreaded. My belief is if you are going to wear fur (and this is not a pro or con fur invitation) you should wear elegant and fabulous fur. Otherwise it looks silly or tartish. See above.

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