Scenes From Rock & Reilly’s St. Patrick’s Day ‘Block Party’

Partiers who wanted to get a jumpstart on St. Patrick’s Day packed the parking lot behind Rock & Reilly’s on Saturday for the Irish bar’s “Block Party.”

A couple food trucks and plenty of beverages were available in the beer garden. A dance tent with live DJs kept the crowd dancing and an outdoor barbeque served up cheeseburgers. Half a dozen deputies and the fire marshal kept an eye on wall-to-wall revelers.

Below, check out photos of the party from freelance photographer Jon Viscott.

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WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9535 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9525 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9503 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9649 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9554 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9552 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9499 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9669 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9661 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9628 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9623 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9592 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9565 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9550 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9547 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9542 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9537 WHV_B18-D3s_DSC9517

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