Kobe Bryant Keeps $20k of Champagne on Ice at the London WeHo

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant

If you’re thinking the roast lamb and merguez sausage on Gordon Ramsey’s menu at the London hotel on North San Vicente Boulevard is a little pricey at $26, please don’t order the Black Gold jeroboam of 1998 Dom Perignon. The New York Post reports that Kobe Bryant was gifted a $20,000 bottle of the bubbly last week as compensation for his work as a brand ambassador for Hublot, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches (yes, there are people in this iPhone age who actually wear watches!). Bryant is keeping the bottle on ice, planning to celebrate with it when, and if, the Lakers win a title. “We’ll pop this in June,” he said to guests who included Zac Efron, Jimmy Kimmel, Brad Goreski, Garcelle Beauvais and Ricardo Guadalupe.

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