SEE: The Most Intense WeHo Dodgeball Faces From Week 8

Dodgeball Week 8
This bunny means business.

After the matches Tuesday night, there’s just one week left of regular games this dodgeball season. Play is getting more and more serious as the league winds down (just see our gallery below of intense looks from the players). The teams are asserting their dominance going into the playoffs and finals that will follow in the next two weeks.

At 8-0, D4D has locked up the regular season title going into the playoffs. Heathers is second at 6-1-1, followed by Tuesday Night Lights 6-2.

In the matchup of the night, No. 3 Tuesday Night Lights beat No. 4 Boobie Warriors 6-3.

“It was a great game against a strong competitor, but we kept our cool and communicated well for the win,” said TNL member Cristian Hamilton.

“We had a tough game,” said Boobie Warrior team captain Jake Mason. “We came out strong tonight and then kind of fell apart in the middle. Tuesday Night Lights played really well as a team and powered through to take the win.”

All final scores below:  

Tuesday Night Lights 6, Boobie Warriors 3

Amazeballs 6, BLT Pregnant 1

Ballz Deep 6, Misfits 1

Rise of the Unicorns 6, Power Bottoms 4

D4D 7, Not In The Face 1

Heathers 6, It Gets Butter 3

Photos from freelance photographer Jon Viscott:

Dodgeball Week 8
A taunting glare from a unicorn always puts fear in opposition.
Dodgeball Week 8
Prepping a throw.
Dodgeball Week 8
Breaking into a dance routine is always a good play.
Dodgeball Week 8
Game ‘Face.’
Dodgeball Week 8
Michael Farmer is pretty in pink.
Dodgeball Week 8
D4D diva.
Dodgeball Week 8
Dodgeball Week 8
Heathers’ Eric Saqui is intense.
Dodgeball Week 8
It Gets Butter wigs out.
Dodgeball Week 8
Butter off blonde.
Dodgeball Week 8
Oh no girl!
Dodgeball Week 8
Sassy and sweaty.
Dodgeball Week 8
Ready for action.
Dodgeball Week 8
Up and away!
Dodgeball Week 8
Steven Lauridsen goes for a toss.
Dodgeball Week 8
Arm-tastic throw action.
Dodgeball Week 8
Steve Paul forms a plan of attack with a teammate.
Dodgeball Week 8
Air evasion.
Dodgeball Week 8
Unicorn power block.
Dodgeball Week 8
A unicorn power bottom!
Dodgeball Week 8
A TNL player goes in for a hard toss.
Dodgeball Week 8
Josh Lever: dramatically disappointed.
Dodgeball Week 8
Emotion is contagious.
Dodgeball Week 8
Intense Boobie Warrior eyewear realness.
Dodgeball Week 8
Jake Mason plays with a smile.
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Christina Simos
9 years ago

We see and read so much negativity in the news. It is refreshing to see WeHoville take an interest in those things that are fun. Jon Viscott takes great pride in capturing the intensity and the energy of our dodgeballers and our community in general. It is always important to talk about the issues facing us today but it’s important to show that people are still connecting, still having fun and staying positive. You guys are making a difference and I applaud what you are doing.

Thank you!

D4D Diva 🙂

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