Elevator Coming to Mazer Archives; WeHo Lesbians Get Meeting Space

Werle Building. (Photo by Christine Detz)

The West Hollywood City Council authorized spending $385,000 for construction of an elevator in the Werle Building at 626 Robertson Blvd., adjacent to West Hollywood Park, during its Monday night meeting.

The 7,533-square-foot Werle Building serves as home to the West Hollywood Recovery Center, the June Mazer Lesbian Archives and a gallery space for the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives. While the ground floor is wheel-chair accessible, the second floor, which houses the Mazer, is only accessible by a narrow staircase.

The elevator will be built at the rear of the building in what is currently storage space for the ONE Archive gallery. The elevator will have three stops – street level, first floor (four feet above street level) and second floor.

At the same time, the council authorized converting unused office space on the second floor into a gathering space for lesbian-specific events.

During public comment, six representatives from the Mazer archive thanked the council for the elevator and for creating the space for lesbians.

“The gay men of West Hollywood are deeply indebted to you for what you did in the AIDS crisis in the early years when the lesbian community stepped forward and cared for your brothers who you had virtually no relationship with at the time and you really were fantastic,” said Councilmember John Duran. “We are deeply grateful for that and if providing a meeting room for lesbian space is part of paying it back, paying it forward, then we’re happy to do so.”

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Larry Block
Larry Block
9 years ago

Im very glad to say that the West Hollywood Disability Advisory Board played a great part in getting this elevator to the building. Ivy Bottini and James Palmieri came to speak at our DAB meeting asking for help because this building lacked access. Staff responded and in a few months access for all! We live in a great city where your voices can be heard. We still have one opening for an at-large community member to join the Disability Advisory Board so fill out an application at City Hall or call Social Services at 323 848 6510. Thanks.

9 years ago

Thank you for posting the link to the City Council meeting. I get it is open to the public (research) but most of what I heard was, per Duran “your own space”, per everybody “lesbian space”. No biggie, but it bugs me. But lately everything this Council does bugs me.

Angela Brinskele
9 years ago

Yes the building is City building and just for the record no one from the Mazer said lesbian only as that would be innacurrate because you see, we are a Lesbian and Feminist Women’s Archives that is Open to the Public.
You can watch the very council meeting here to see for yourself. http://weho.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=22&clip_id=2073

Jeanne Simonoff
9 years ago

As an elder and not always to walk up and down stairs, this is a fantastic thing.

9 years ago

Does anybody else have a problem with the City creating a Lesbian only space?

9 years ago

Is the Werle building City owned?

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