Tipsy Kardashians Skip WeHo’s Abbey Commitment

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian

If you’re a techie looking to develop a bestselling mobile app, consider a Kardashian Monitor that would alert us to where the Carcrashians, er, Kardashians, are hanging out so we in WeHo can avoid them.

Entertainmentwise reports that Khloe Kardashian and mother Kris Jenner showed up at the Abbey Thursday night, where a section of the popular North Robertson Boulevard bar and restaurant had been roped off so they could film an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” But, Entertainmentwise reports, the two were so drunk they drove off without getting out of their limo, leaving the Abbey folks steamed. They then headed to Kim Kardashian’s house, where TMZ claims they were tossed out.

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