Did the Chateau Marmont Bring Nick Gruber and Granddaddy Calvin Klein Back Together Again?

Calvin Klein's porn star ex Nick Gruber
Nick Gruber
Nothing like bumping into a former lover at the Chateau Marmont to relight the romantic fire. Nick Gruber, 23, the former “erotic model” and lover of fashion designer Calvin Klein, broke up with Klein in January 2012 after Gruber’s arrest for cocaine possession and an alleged assault. But now the New York Post says the two have been texting one another (ah, romance in the digital age!). And then the Post reports, they met up a month ago at the Chateau Marmont. A Klein spokesman says Gruber and granddaddy Klein (he’s 47 years older than Gruber) are only friends. But Klein did fly Gruber to Mexico for what the Post called a romantic little getaway. And Gruber says he’s dropped plans to write a tell-all book about the fashion designer and do a reality TV show about their relationship. If Gruber wants advice on how to make the relationship work this time around, we’d suggest he talk to Courtney Stodden, WeHo’s Princess Die, who at 16 married a man 35 years her elder and remains married to him two years later.
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