No ‘Factory’ Work for Ciara, Who Will Sing for LA Pride


There are some folks in WeHo who won’t be cheering Ciara when she performs at the LA Pride Festival in West Hollywood Park on Saturday. reports that the Factory is suing the Princess of Crunk & B, alleging she reneged on an agreement to perform tonight at that La Peer Drive nightclub, which is just south of Santa Monica Boulevard. So why won’t Ciara perform at the Factory on Friday and LA Pride on Saturday? According to TMZ, Ciara’s agreement with Christopher Street West, the non-profit that stages LA Pride, barred her from another appearance. The Factory, which had planned to pay Ciara $10,000 for the gig, wants her to reimburse it for the money it paid to promote her appearance and for the lost revenue it had expected to gain from it. There’s no news on what CSW is paying Ciara for her appearance, although it does get $20 a ticket for admission to the festival.

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