Dmitri Dmitrov Decides Who Wears the Crown at Sunset Tower Hotel’s Tower Bar

Sunset Tower Hotel, Tower Bar
Dimitri Dmitrov

There’s royalty, and there’s Royalty. And who better to decide who wears the crown than Dmitri Dmitrov, the famed maitre d’ at Sunset Tower Hotel’s Tower Bar on Sunset Boulevard? The New York Post reports that a member of the Saudi royal family walked into the Tower Bar with 10 bodyguards on Saturday, demanding four tables from which the guards could keep their eye on the prince. But Dmitrov, 62, who The New York Times has described as a “Macedonian immigrant with Rudolph Valentino hair, a Chiclet smile, an Eastern European accent theatrical enough to seem invented and a manner so ostentatiously courteous it conjures up a Slavic geisha scripted by Mel Brooks” begged to differ, telling the Saudi prince that he “wasn’t the only royalty in the room.” That was an obvious reference to Anjelica Huston, Bradley Cooper, John Mayer, Jason Reitman, Jason Sudeikis, Vince Vaughn, Betsy Bloomingdale and Barbara Davis, who were dining nearby.

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8 years ago

I love that. Dimitri is the best!

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