Sister to Bootsy Bellows to Open on WeHo’s Beverly Boulevard

Artist's Rendering of Hooray Henrys
Artist’s Rendering of Hooray Henrys

The h.wood group, the partnership behind the Sunset Strip’s celebrity clogged Bootsy Bellows, is looking south, with plans to launch a new club in July on Beverly Boulevard.

The new club will be called Hooray Henry’s, a play on the British term for an affected  young upper-class man, often with affectedly hearty voice and manners. The club will be at 8713 Beverly Blvd. just west of San Vicente, formerly the location of the Beverly and, before that, of Guys and Dolls.

David Arquette, who named Bootsy Bellows after the stage name of his mother, Mardi, a former burlesque dancer, will be a partner in Hooray Henry’s. Other partners in h.wood group include John Terzian, Brian Tolll and Markus Molinari. Bootsy Bellows, which opened a year ago, has quickly become the go-to place for celebrities and the paparazzi who love them.

Hooray Henry’s will be designed to resemble one of London’s classic private clubs.

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