Harper Ave. Parking-Permit Conversion Further Reduces SMB Parking Options

harper Jacarandas
The 1000 block of Harper Avenue will become a nighttime permit-only district in mid-August. (Photo by Jon Viscott)

Nighttime parking will be a little harder to find for visitors going to West Hollywood’s center city area come mid-August.

The West Hollywood City Council approved an ordinance converting the 1000 block of Harper Avenue to a nighttime permit-only district at its Monday night meeting. That means only cars displaying District 9 parking permits will be allowed to park on that block between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., seven days a week. All others will be ticketed.

Harper Avenue is a favorite place to park for visitors going to restaurants and bars like Hamburger Mary’s or Don’t Tell Mama or the Gold Coast.

About 52 percent of the residents living in that block signed a petition asking for the parking permits. The city will begin posting signs of the new permit zone in late July. Enforcement will start on August 14.

The city’s District 9 parking zone covers the area within the city boundaries south of Santa Monica Boulevard between Croft Avenue and Hayworth Avenue.

Once Harper’s nighttime restrictions take effect, the only streets in that zone that don’t have nighttime parking restrictions will be Kings Road, Sweetzer Avenue and Crescent Heights Boulevard.

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10 years ago

As a resident in this neighborhood and a resident on Norton for over 10 years, the city needs to consider permitting Norton as well. Too many employees and patrons taking residential street parking. It’s a nuisance and far too much outside traffic in the neighborhood. As someone who has to park on the the street, I’ve had to drive around for up to a half hour to find parking in my own neighborhood. Glad the permitting is at least taking effect on Harper.

Marco Colantonio
Marco Colantonio
10 years ago

I lived on Harper for 4 years and I oversee a building on the corner of Harper and Norton and I am happy to see the change to nighttime permit parking. This is a plus for residents as for years, it has been mostly employees and not patrons of the bars/restaurants like Basix, Marix, etc. that have taken parking spaces for the entirety of their evening work shifts. No doubt this will prompt more complaining about the additional parking regulations but making our residents a priority is a good move.

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