QUOTES: See What Local Politicians, Activists and Pastors Are Saying About Prop 8/DOMA

jerry brown

California Gov. Jerry Brown: “I have directed the California Department of Public Health to advise the state’s counties that they must begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in California as soon as the Ninth Circuit confirms the stay is lifted.”



Antonio Villaraigosa

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: “Today we have taken another momentous step on the path to full equality and dignity for all Californians and all Americans. By striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, the Supreme Court has affirmed a basic American truth: bigotry and bias have no place in our laws. And with the court’s decision on Prop. 8, California is poised to become the 13th state in America with full marriage equality. Today we celebrate a victory for love and fairness, a victory for same-sex couples who only want to follow their hearts and marry the person they love. As we move closer to a more perfect union, we will continue to make our case: If we truly believe in family values, we should value all families.”



Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster: “Today is a monumental day that will change, for the better, the lives of friends and families throughout our great state and makes our nation stronger.”



abbe land

West Hollywood Mayor Abbe Land: “Today history is being made.  Striking down of DOMA ensures all marriages are treated equally and that all married couples have the same federal benefits, programs and protections.  Allowing the 2010 decision of the Federal District Court to stand means marriage for all is now the law of California.  We will celebrate today, and then continue to work until all LGBT couples have the right to marry no matter where they live.”



West Hollywood City Council, West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, John D'Amico, fur banWest Hollywood Mayor Pro-Tem John D’Amico: “With this ruling, we all help to reinvigorate the big idea that the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence is an ever-expanding idea. The right for all of us to marry the one we love must be understood as unalienable, as part of who we are, and now who we are becoming again as a city, a state and a nation. Once again we have opened the door and invited in opportunity, equality and freedom. I, along with the City of West Hollywood, stand ready to begin again the practice of marrying all people, bringing opportunity and equality home.”


John Duran

West Hollywood Councilmember John J. Duran: “After a 13-year battle for marriage equality in California, this issue is finally resolved. Let freedom ring in the Golden State!”



councilmember john heilman

West Hollywood Councilmember John Heilman: “This is a big victory for the LGBT community and a big victory for everyone who cares about equality and love.”




John O’Connor, executive director of Equality California: “We have said from the beginning that the proponents of Prop. 8 couldn’t demonstrate a single way they would be harmed by loving same-sex couples marrying in California. The court agreed. Marriage will be restored imminently and we look forward to decisive leadership from our elected officials in the restoration of marriage for all people in every community across the state. Today is a day for celebration.”



The Rev. Susan Russell of All Saints Church in Pasadena: “As a California priest and pastor I rejoice that my church can now offer both equal blessing and equal protection to the couples who come to us for marriage. As an American citizen I am proud that my country is continuing to evolve toward that `more perfect union’ where liberty and justice applies to all, not just some, Americans.”



alfred fraijo

Alfred Fraijo Jr., president of the Honor PAC, a Latino LGBT action committee: “Today, the Supreme Court justices paved the way for affirming what we have known all along — that loving same-sex couples should be afforded the freedom to marry the person they love in California and be entitled to the federal rights they deserve. Latinas/Latinos throughout California are celebrating today, as our brothers, sisters and friends will be able to express their love for one another beyond civil unions.”


karen bass

Rep. Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles: “Today marks a watershed moment in the fight for marriage equality for LGBT Americans. The Supreme Court’s rulings bring the nation and California one step closer to realizing our Constitution’s promise of equality for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation. For California, thousands of LGBT couples will now receive the recognition and protections afforded to any other family under the law and will no longer be treated as second-class citizens.”


patrick o'donnell

Long Beach Councilman Patrick O’Donnell: “This is a monumental day for California and for our country. There was no rational, moral or legal basis to reject same-sex marriage, and to deny this right is to deny the principles of our Constitution. The Supreme Court has affirmed the fight our LGBTQ community has fought for years. Today we celebrate marriage equality.”



dianne feinstein

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.: “Today’s ruling clearly establishes that the 14 senators who opposed DOMA in 1996 were correct. It also states that one class of legally married individuals cannot be denied rights under fedeal law accorded to all other married couples. Doing so denies `equal protection’ under the Constitution. This is an important and significant decision. … As a Californian, I am thrilled by the Supreme Court’s decision on Proposition 8. The court’s ruling on technical grounds leaves in place former Chief Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision that Prop 8 is unconstitutional and cannot be enforced. I believe this decision means marriage equality will finally be restored in California.”


barbara boxer

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.: “I was proud to have voted against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, and it is so heartening to see that the federal government will now treat all marriages equally. (And) because of the court’s ruling on Proposition 8, millions of Californians will be able to marry the person they love — with all the rights and responsibilities that go along with it.”



Coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles: “The two decisions will ultimately allow all communities to engage in an honest dialogue about family, love, diversity and the protection of civil and individual liberties. We stand with LGBT communities across the nation in celebration of this history and long-overdue victory.”


mitch o'farrell

Los Angeles Councilman-elect Mitch O’Farrell: “As an American, as a Californian and as an openly gay man, I am extremely happy with the court’s decision. This represents a huge step forward for equality in our nation, and I am proud that this movement began in California.”

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