Whips? Shots? Pickups? Who Wouldn’t Want to Ride This Bus?

The entertainment shuttle may soon be off like a shot, but we’re not sure what that means.

Despite the fact that it’s colloquially known as the “party bus,” we’re pretty sure that doing shots en route from one bar to another will be verboten. Tonight, the WeHo City Council will consider a proposed branding plan for the free shuttles, which will run along Santa Monica Boulevard on Friday and Saturday nights. Naming the buses is on the agenda, and apparently “The Shot” is the frontrunner.

Actually, a closer look at the Symblaze, Inc. proposal revealed that the concept is meant to play with the idea of photography, not liquor. It’s evidently a bit to capitalize on riders’ inner narcissism:

Half our night is experienced online. We take pics of ourselves, we post them. Recording the night & sharing it is a cinematic event.

A cinematic event? We know this is an industry town, but “cinematic” is really stretching the significance of the new selfie you took at the rainbow crosswalk.

More amusing than the concept itself are the potential slogans, which don’t seem destined to work in casual conversation:

Step into the SHOT.
Hey — get in the SHOT.
The SHOT that captures your night.
Hey, sexy — don’t miss your SHOT.
The SHOT that captures the perfect moment.

The shot that captures the perfect moment? We’re not sure what picture-perfect shot that might be, but we don’t think this is it:

Shot party bus concept
A branding concept for the party bus.

The proposed “wrap” for the vehicles could be a painting at LACMA or a billboard advertising mascara—but those muted colors and alluring eyelashes don’t exactly scream “WeHo.”

Maybe we’re caught up in superhero nostalgia, but we’re more taken with this vintage-looking alternative:

Pick UP party bus concept
Gadzooks! A vintage comic-inspired alternative look.

Not only does this wrap pack more of a punch — or a POW! — but it goes with a double entendre-laden name: The Pickup. Now that’s a name WeHo’ans could have some fun with. And it was clearly intentional on the part of the branding team. They didn’t hold back with the suggested slogans:

The WeHo PickUp: Cuddling & breakfast not required.

The WeHo PickUp — a ride you can count on.

Got PickedUp last night.

And they similarly went double-meaning wild with another suggestion, the WHIP (West Hollywood Independent Pickup):

WHIP party bus concept
WHIP (West Hollywood Independent Pickup) concept.

Get Whipped— before you’re bad.

Whip it out. (WEHOville note: Not on the bus, please!)

Whip it good.

Whip it good? We’ve lost the BDSM connection and gotten Devo stuck in our heads.

We’ll just leave you with this final thought. The draft agreement includes this note about driver attire:

CITY reserves the right to require unique or specialized uniforms provided at CITY expense.

We can’t wait to see photos of what they have in mind.

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Rudolf Martin
Rudolf Martin
9 years ago

ironic, that the city (we are) is paying interest on $30 million of unused bonds to ‘revitalize’ the east side and comes up with special committees to supposedly help residents and businesses on the east side but when it comes to programs like these, the city ends at fairfax. so winston, lubitsch, crown bar, formosa cafe, jones cafe: eat your heart out! this service isn’t for you and your patrons! i’m not complaining, this is why i like living on the east side.

chloe ross
9 years ago

Stevie – you have read my mind. And now that we know that the basic revenue stream for WeHo is booze – why not stop the sham and say so. I would reckon this drunk tank doesn’t cross the Maginot Line at Fairfax as it makes it staggered route to the bars and stars and the barmen (thankoyu Vladimir Nabokov). Will each bus have a police escort? Barfy bags?

9 years ago

Racism runs wild, people are starving, people are getting stabbed on Melrose and THIS is what the council spends months of discussion on?

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