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davey wavey

It’s no wonder Davey Wavey loves a simple Saturday in WeHo. On the heels of a YouTube conference in Anaheim, the jet-setter went to Rhode Island and then set out on an eight-city world trip to visit cities chosen by his fans.

A personal trainer and columnist, Wavey is also a gay YouTube personality. He has created 600-plus videos, with intriguing titles such as “What Gay Guys Think About Vaginas” and “Coming Out to Siri,” hinting at his irreverent humor.

We asked the world-traveling Wavey how he kicks back when he spends a weekend in WeHo.

In his own words, here is Davey Wavey’s perfect Saturday in West Hollywood:

Most people are surprised to find out that I’m a basic bitch.

My perfect WeHo Saturday wouldn’t include brunch, drinks or a night out on Santa Monica Blvd. For me, the weekends are a time to unplug, relax and let my hair down after a busy week of filming, meetings and traveling. My perfect Saturday would be much simpler, quieter and—for me—infinitely more enjoyable.

Rather than brunch, I prefer to start my day with an early trip to the gym. I’m one of those annoying people that can bounce out of bed at the first crack of daylight. In fact, mornings are the most productive time of day for me. During the week, I get most of my work done before lunch.

After the gym, I’d visit one of my favorite smoothie shops. It’s a chain called Earthbar, and they have a busy but quaint shop at 8365 Santa Monica Blvd. From wheatgrass to whey and everything in between, it’s a great way to refuel after the gym and energize for the day.

Next to sex, shopping at Whole Foods is my favorite afternoon pastime. For me, it’s a five sensory experience. Smelling the cantaloupe, squeezing the peaches, tasting the samples, chatting with friends and taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling market is a foodie’s wet dream.

While a lot of people dread shopping, for me, it’s the exact opposite. Because health and fitness is a passion of mine, feeding my body with nourishing foods is important—and I love taking my time to put together a delicious, colorful and wholesome menu. Especially if I’ll be cooking for two.

I like to say that I’m an old soul. My friends like to say that I’m secretly a 90-year-old man. Either way, this basic bitch values some good old-fashioned, soul-charging downtime.

3 Questions For Wavey:

1) Where in West Hollywood are you likely to go for a Saturday brunch or lunch?

Fresh Corn Grill. Love it! Also addicted to Tender Greens.

2) If you are planning a night out in West Hollywood, what are you likely to do?

Cancel my plans, cook dinner at home and cuddle up for a movie night.

3) Where in West Hollywood do you like to shop?

I’m not really big on wearing clothes, but when I do need to stock up on speedos or underwear, I usually hit up the Andrew Christian store.

Below, check out photos of Wavey from freelance photographer Jon Viscott.

davey wavey

davey wavey davey wavey

davey wavey

davey wavey

davey wavey

davey wavey

davey wavey

davey wavey

davey wavey

davey wavey

davey waveydavey wavey

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