8/21: Manou, Soma, Apocalipstick, Violet and Broadway Bullies

Manou, Soma etc

August 21

7 p.m

The Viper Room

Manou is a member of the German pop group “beFour” whose members were cast for a TV show about the band. Masa Iga (guitarist), Jeff Hollinger(vocals) Barnaby Hitzig (bassist) and Kevin Hollinger (drums) make up Soma, which they describe as a way of healing through the form of sound. Apocalipstick – (Set time:9:15 PM) Apocalipstick specializes in catchy songs about make up sex (Let’s Fight), how to not be in a relationship (Don’t Be My Boyfriend But You Can Be My Bitch) and teasing boys (Met Your Match). Violet is an all girl pop/electro band founded in LA by sisters Alayna and Kayla Miller and Jessie Covets. Vancouver’s Broadway Bullies are working on their first studio rock and roll album. At the Viper Room, 8852 W. Sunset Blvd. at Larrabee. Tickets, $12.75 with fees, available online.

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