‘Sunset Strip the Movie’ Premiering on Showtime

sunset strip

WeHo’s Sunset Strip, the decadent playground of so many legends through the years, is the subject of a documentary premiering on Showtime tonight at 8 p.m.

“Sunset Strip the Movie,” directed by LA filmmaker Hans Fjellestad, who has been making music-oriented docs for over 10 years, includes interviews with many of the stars who have made the Strip so legendary, including Keanu Reeves, Mickey Rourke, Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Depp, Love, Sharon Stone, Pamela Des Barres, Alice Cooper, Hugh Hefner, Perry Farrell, Peter Fonda, Sofia Coppola, Tom Arnold, Slash, Richard Lewis, Paul Mooney, Dita Von Teese, Paris Hilton, Lou Adler, Tommy Lee, Billy Corgan, Lemmy, along with historians, authors and former mobsters.

The film’s Facebook page also includes a wealth of fascinating video clips featuring celebrities talking about the Strip and recalling memorable moments. Hear Fonda talk about his arrest during the 1966 Sunset Strip riot, Farrell and Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction talk about the first time they got a record deal, Dave Navarro remember growing up on the westside of Dohney Drive (“the magical line” that leads to the world of the Strip), Smashing Pumpkins headliner Corgan talk about Jim Morrison, Carmen Electra describe her perfect night on the Strip and Hefner recall opening up his Playboy Club at 8560 Sunset Blvd. at Alta Loma in the mid-1960s.
The documentary advances chronologically, spending time on the Golden Era (Garden of Allah, Chateau Marmont and the “House of Francis”), then the nightclub era (Trocadero and Ciro’s, including Mickey Cohen’s reign) before moving to more familiar periods, the 60/70s music scene, rise of stand-up comedy, 80s hair metal era and finally the 90s hipster revival.

The movie will play on Showtime and its affiliated channels until Aug. 29. Time Warner Cable subscribers will not get the channel due to the continuing dispute between Time Warner and CBS and Showtime, which has led to a blackout of the channels from the cable provider.

The doc will also be offered on On Demand from Saturday, Aug. 17 until Sept. 13.

Below, check out the film’s trailer.

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