WeHo Book Fair Will Include Ticketed Event Featuring Hachette Authors

weho book fair

A special ticketed event featuring authors signed with the Hachette Book Group will be held during the otherwise free West Hollywood Book Fair on Sept. 29.

The City Council unanimously approved an agreement Monday night for an “event within an event” targeted at members of area book clubs/groups. For the cost of $30 per person, ticket holders will be able to attend author panels featuring Hachette authors. A maximum of 90 tickets will be sold.

Although the Hachette authors participating have not yet been determined, they will gather in the Community Meeting Room in the West Hollywood Library for a three-hour session from 3-6 p.m. Access to the authors will only be available to ticket holders. A wine and cheese reception for ticket holders will be held afterwards.

This is the first time in the WeHo Book Fair’s 12-year history that a ticketed event has been included. Previously, access to all events was free to everyone attending.

The Authentic Agency, which is organizing the overall book fair, recommended the city hold this special event because Hachette authors have a large following among Southern California-based book groups. The staff report suggests partnering with a major publishing company could add prestige to the festival and increase attendance.

Headquartered in Manhattan, Hachette is one of the five biggest US publishing companies. Among the big name authors signed to Hachette are David Baldacci, Stephen Colbert, Chelsea Handler, Stephanie Meyer, James Patterson, David Sedaris and Nicholas Sparks.

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Molly Ann Marie
Molly Ann Marie
9 years ago

I love this event so if Chloe’s comment has put you off, please follow the rest of us bookworms. We’ve always slithered from booth to booth with ease, sans the mud. You will find whatever you seek in life, enjoy!

9 years ago

Selling tickets and having something separate (such as using the library) is the only way to sell booze at this event. Otherwise, they’d have to put up a six-foot fence like they do for pride.

chloe ross
9 years ago

I am in such luck. This Hachette Group does not include any of my favorite authors. And the areas around the inside “events” could be muddy. Yet another revenue stream gushes without precedent.

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