See Shots of Trannyshack’s Only 2013 Show in LA

Trannyshack, a monthly San Francisco drag club that has drawn big crowds since its 1996 creation, came to Los Angeles for a one-time show Friday. The event featured performances by Fade-Dra Phey, Devan M, Rudeness, Raya Light, Vicky Vox, Toxic Waist, Michael Mercy Fuque Ryan, Grace Towers, Phyllis Navidad, Lil Miss Hot Mess and Tammie Brown.

Below, check out photos from photographer Matt Baume.

Stage guardians protect the wings.
Stage guardians protect the wings.
Shiny performers wait to go on.
Shiny performers wait to go on.
Today’s special is chicken cutlets.
Smokey models set the house on fire.
Smokey models set the house on fire.
Beards and eyebrows do battle.
Beards and eyebrows do battle.
There’s a nautical theme.
trannyshack onlookers
Onlookers jostle for position by the stage.
Heklina is haunted by a mysterious specter.
Stage hands affix the performer in place.
trannyshack crowd
A throng builds.
Grace Powers
Grace Powers casts her spell.
Sister Indica
Sister Indica delivers important charitable news.
Lil Miss Hot Mess
Lil Miss Hot Mess brought her own lips.
Cupcake Cannes
Cupcake Cannes’ is having one of her moments.
trannyshack Cupcake Cannes
Wire hangers are unwelcome during this portion of the evening.
Cupcake Cannes
The drama starts with Cupcake Cannes.
Cupcake Cannes
Somebody brought the axe.
Tammie Brown
Tammie Brown is a special kind of crazy.
trannyshack Tammie Brown
Tammie reminds us that her music is available on iTunes.
Devan M
Devan M rises from the grave on the third day.
Devan M's backup dancers
Devan M’s backup dancers know the score.
Devan M sheds apparel
Devan M sheds apparel.
trannyshack surprise visitor
A surprise visitor pops through some legs.
A crack team of acrobats.
A crack team of acrobats.
Devan M assembles into Megazord
Devan M assembles into Megazord.
Hard to tell where one creature starts and another ends.
Heklina is buffeted by a strong breeze.
trannyshack Rudeness
Watch out for spillage from Rudeness’ bottle.
Rudeness gets intense.
Fade-Dra Phey
Fade-Dra Phey applies cosmetics.
Fade-Dra Phey
The importance of layering.
trannyshack Heklina
Heklina is truly, truly, truly outrageous.
Hi Fashion
Hi Fashion knows they’re amazing.
Jen DM
Jen DM toys with her hair.
Jen DM
A celebration of balloons.
Hi Fashion
Hi Fashion bumps asses.
trannyshack performers
The clothes become fewer in number.
Raya Light
Raya Light plays all innocent.
Raya Light
Raya trims her merkin.
Live goldfish were employed as breast padding.
Live goldfish were employed as breast padding.
Vicky Vox
Vicky Vox has to laugh.
trannyshack Vicky Vox
Vicky has a message for the crowd.
A surprise appearance by what appears to be Hommen.
Mario Diaz
Mario Diaz approves.
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9 years ago

Thank you for capturing the evening. It was one for the books!

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