You Know How the Kings Road Parking Structure Doesn’t Accept Credit Cards? That’s Changing


credit cards

The West Hollywood City Council has approved $243,000 for repairs to the city-owned Kings Road parking structure on the northeast corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Kings Road.

As part of the Kings Road deck updates, the city will add credit card readers for payments, like it has at the other city-owned parking decks.

Opened in 1996, the deck will be resurfaced, have its waterproofing membranes refreshed and get a new coat of paint as well as have its ventilation equipment updated.

“The scheduled work is part of capital improvements that result from the normal wear and tear of a building that was built 17 years ago,” explained Jackie Rocco, the city’s parking operations manager.

Public works director Oscar Delgado is not sure when work will start but said it would take approximately two months.


Delgado wants to have work completed before construction on the automated parking structure behind City Hall begins in January 2014. The majority of City Hall employees currently park in the Kings Road deck and those who now park behind City Hall will have to move to the deck when work on the “robo-garage” begins.

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