PHOTOS: New Varsity Gay League Kickball Season Launches


The Varsity Gay League Saturday Rock ‘n’ Roll Kickball season launched Saturday with six new teams at Poinsettia Park. VGL offers the Rock ‘n’ Roll league, meant as a training ground for new players, and Sunday’s Champions League.

Here are the results from Saturday:

Misfits 7, Naughty By Nature 2
New Kicks on the Block 16, OMG! We’re Jocks 7
Wrecking Balls 12, Pitches be Crazy 0

Kickball Opening Weekend
New players are learning from veterans who have joined new teams.
Kickball Opening Weekend
The Naughty by Nature girls are here to win! They take their game seriously.
Kickball Opening Weekend
Bryan Roger’s throws for 2nd base, but looks like he is too late.
Kickball Opening Weekend
OMG! We’re Jocks attempts to scare the competition away.
Kickball Opening Weekend
OMG! We’re Jocks shows team support. These Trevor Project volunteers are full of teamwork.
Kickball Opening Weekend
Bump, set, catch!
Kickball Opening Weekend
So close! He’ll get it next time.
Kickball Opening Weekend
John Tegzes returns from a summer sabbatical to pitch with the best of them.
Kickball Opening Weekend
Tim matches his clothing with the equipment, and can he kick!
Kickball Opening Weekend
Grace in kicking.
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