‘WeHo Jesus’ Rises … Up Against AIDS Walk Protesters


And lo, the disciples of cyberspace spread the good word and the message of “WeHo Jesus” reached the corners of the Internet.

And that message was—well, he didn’t have so much a spelled-out message as a handful of red balloons. Maybe his message was that the anti-LGBT protesters should update those stark, ugly yellow-letter-on-black-background signs that they’re always wielding at Pride events, funerals and, in this case, at AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

Wearing his trademark white robe, the longhaired and bearded Kevin Lee Light—a longtime Jesus impersonator who’s often spotted roaming the Creative City—showed up to the yearly event benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles and challenged anti-gay protesters holding signs reading, among other things, “Homo Sex Is Sin.” Lee, a peaceful figure in contrast to the hate-spewing protesters, stood alongside them with a bunch of red balloons.

Photos of Light’s counter-protest have been picked up or linked to by sites ranging from LGBT sites Huffington Post Gay Voices, Queerty and Instinct to humor site Fark.com. Here are a few of the photos, snapped by Brody Brown, that are making the rounds:

WeHo Jesus Kevin Lee Light at AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2013
WeHo Jesus Kevin Lee Light at AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2013

WeHo Jesus AIDS Walk

WeHo Jesus AIDS Walk


Brown wasn’t the only one documenting the experience. Light himself shared some video clips from the AIDS Walk online. That’s right, you can now follow Jesus (WeHo Jesus, anyway) on Twitter and Instagram.

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chloe ross
10 years ago

Jesus – the person in Jerusalem who was hung up in 34ish CE would have been sickened by what his overzealous, guilt-ridden disciple Saul of Tarsus has visited upon this planet. Yeshua was a Jew and a good one too. I suggest everyone read Zealot by Reza Aslan and get to know Yeshua and what he actually seemed to think. He didn’t appear to hate anyone and he seemed to be a pretty cool man and an outlier for his times. If you are a believer then believe no one speaks for any God. Hate is hate and bigotry is… Read more »

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