Conan Makes Surprise Appearance at Troubadour


Even stars get starstruck. Conan O’Brien, for one, has described himself as an “almost obsessive fan” of musician Langhorne Slim. In March, Slim’s appearance on “Conan” included one song for which O’Brien played guitar–and last week the pair reunited at WeHo musical hotspot the Troubadour. O’Brien made a surprise appearance during a Langhorne Slim and The Law concert on Wednesday. The comic and talk show host joined in for two songs, “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and “Found My Heart.”

Best known as a late-night talk show host and a television writer, O’Brien also showed his musical chops when he played a show with Jack White and released a vinyl recording of the performance.

“I’ve had a crazy six months,” O’Brien told the crowd, according to The Guardian. “I was the host of The Tonight Show, the greatest franchise in the history of television. Then I started a live tour, going from small theatre to small theatre. And tonight I’m pressing a vinyl recording. I’m going back in time! Next week I’ll be on Vaudeville. Then I’ll be a steamship captain.”

Instead, he took the helm of talk show “Conan” on TBS.

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dana miller
dana miller
10 years ago

Guys, ya left out the biggest element of all the news that’s fit to print! Nielsen reported today in breaking news: MORE people actually enjoyed the witty CB at The Troubadour then have ever seen Conan O’Brien’s TBS TalkFest! Statically sad, yet somewhere Doug Weston is laughing.

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