Lady Red Couture

Lady Red

Don’t let Lady Red Couture scare you! Despite referring to herself as “the largest drag queen in captivity,”  deep down she’s a sweetheart. She’s also not afraid to saunter right up to the occasional heterosexual man who finds himself at Hamburger Mary’s, slap him on the back and deliver a bass-note “How you doin’, bro?”


Q-and-A with Lady Red Couture

Name: Lady Red Couture (legal)

Age: 35

Home city: Park City, Utah

Currently lives: Los Angeles

Other job(s): Full-time entertainer, karaoke hostess

Impersonations: Singing live as Chaka Khan and Cee Lo Green. My impersonations are most focused on the vocal impersonation, though I work hard on the costumes, too!

How long have you been impersonating? I have been a performer since 1995.

What drew you to it? I do it because I love to spread the powerful message of positivity!

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Lady Red Couture
9 years ago

Omg, WOW thank you so much for letting me spread the power of POSITIVITY!!!!! 🙂

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