Roxy C. Moorecox

Roxy Moorecox as Adele 1
Roxy C. Moorecox as Adele. (Photo by Matt Baume)

Globetrotter Roxy C. Moorecox has been wowing audiences for more than a decade. From her home base in Charlotte, NC, she’s graced stages from WeHo to New York to London to small-town South Carolina. Although she started her career with a Reba McEntire routine, a distinctive cleft chin opened the door to impersonating Adele. But her most unexpected celebrity impersonation may be Adam Lambert. A drag queen in drag as a man? Unthinkable!


Q-and-A with Moorecox

Name: Clay Smith

Age: 31

Home city: Charlotte, NC.

Where do you perform? I regularly host a karaoke night at Hartigan’s Irish Pub (every Thursday) in Charlotte. Beyond that, my calendar is filled with traveling gigs, from LA to London and everywhere in between. I’m currently on a tour entitled Moorecox For America, with the goal of working in all 50 states.

Other job(s): My day job is “house husband and manager to Roxy C. Moorecox.” Unfortunately, she can’t book her gigs or do her laundry on her own … lol!

Impersonations: Adam Lambert, Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks and others, but my “flagship illusion” right now is Adele.

How long have you been impersonating? I got the illusions bug around five years ago and started impersonating Adele shortly after her ‘19’ album.

What drew you to the people you impersonate? I thought about impersonating Adele because she and I share a cleft chin, which is a rarity among female recording artists. She might not be a dancer, or as flashy as some other divas, but she has a powerful voice, songs that touch people and a stage presence like few others. I think with any illusion you start with people with whom you share a likeness. After that, you can be a little adventurous as your makeup skills strengthen.

Regardless, impersonating a well-known person takes a lot of time and study, especially if you want to perform a true illusion of that person, and not just a caricature.

You can follow Moorecox on Instagram and Twitter at @RoxyInTheQC and “like” her on Facebook at Roxy C. Moorecox. Her website is

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