Venus D’Lite

Venus as Madonna 1
Venus as Madonna. (Photo by Matt Baume)

Venus D’Lite hails from the ’80s and radiates with the energy of Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Grace Jones. A punky femme fatale, D’Lite caught America’s eye on Season 3 of “Drag Race” with an effortless transformation into Madonna. Appearances in film and television followed, including on the Ricki Lake show. D’Lite is a longtime mainstay of the Dreamgirls Revue at Micky’s.


Q-and-A with Venus D’Lite

Name: Adam Guerra

Age: Just turned 30, aka the new 20

Home city: Los Angeles

Where do you perform? Locally I perform at Rage in West Hollywood and VLVT in Santa Ana. I have performed all over the United States because of my appearance on the RuPaul show in 2011.

Other job(s): I work for Forever 21

Impersonation: Madonna

How long have you been impersonating Madonna? I have been impersonating her for 11 years.

What drew you to the person you impersonate? Her art, music, beauty, sexuality and always being ahead of the game.

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