Fashion Boutique Phillip Lim Burglarized

phillip limWeHo fashion boutique 3.1 Phillip Lim, 631 N. Robertson at Melrose, was burglarized on Monday morning.

LA Racked reported that the burglary took place at 4 a.m. A Phillip Lim employee confirmed that a burglary took place but declined further comment because the matter is under investigation.

No additional details were immediately available from the sheriff’s department.

In mid-September, the launch of Phillip Lim’s target collection brought out big lines and a scuffle for the company’s popular handbags.

A few months ago, another Robertson boutique, Kitson, less than a half a mile away from Phillip Lim located  at 115 N. Robertson at Alden was burglarized.

The Kitson burglary had a strange twist; it was broken into by someone who tunneled through the wall from an adjacent public bathroom.

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