Extinguishing Fires and Warming Hearts, the Firefighters at WeHo’s Station No. 7

WeHo Fire Station No. 7
WeHo Fire Station No. 7
If you think firefighters are hot, hot, hot, here’s a holiday story that’ll set your heart ablaze.

It started with a fire that put the elevator in an Orlando Avenue apartment building out of commission for about two weeks.

Of course the firefighters in West Hollywood Station No. 7 at 864 N. San Vicente Blvd. helped residents get down the stairs and out. But with the elevator out for more than two weeks, the firefighters of Station No. 7 returned daily to carry an elderly couple up and down the building’s stairs so they could run errands or go to doctors’ appointments. Now that’s what we call service.

The husband and wife needed assistance to go out and return home about once a day during the time the elevator was busted, according to West Hollywood City Councilmember John D’Amico.

“I thought that was kind of amazing,” said D’Amico, who found out about the story during the course of routine meetings. “I would say that this is what it means to live in West Hollywood. It’s one big community, and we take care of ourselves and each other.”

D’Amico presented the Station No. 7 firefighters with a commendation on behalf of the City Council on Monday.

“The firefighters of West Hollywood Fire Station No. 7 have always exhibited extraordinary dedication and service to the West Hollywood community in general,” the commendation says.
“This extraordinary display of kindness and dedication … is a powerful reminder of their unwavering commitment to the residents and City of West Hollywood.”

If rescuing cats from trees is all your firefighter boyfriend has done lately, tell him he’ll have to step it up to compete in WeHo, where the firefighters are willing to do a lot to impress.

“The firefighters that work in West Hollywood—they’re there because they love working in that community,” said Maria Grycan, the community services liaison for the firefighting division that includes both WeHo stations. “They love the community; they’re very engrained in the community.”

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9 years ago

I wouldn’t mind being carried over the threshold by our firefighters nor up-and-down a few flights of steps!

9 years ago

how come nobody else has commented how HOT our firefighters are!

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