Who Will Be WEHOville’s Person of the Year?

Steve Afriat
Steve Afriat.

Steve Afriat

Steve Afriat has managed the campaigns of four of the five current council members and  raised thousands of dollars to elect them. Afriat also represents clients such as Cohen Brothers Realty, whose proposed megacomplex on Santa Monica Boulevard is the focus of intense debate. And his role as both a campaign manager and lobbyist  have led some residents, and Councilmember John Heilman, to call for a ban on holding both roles at the same time.

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8 years ago

Defiantly not ARIFfFFFAT

Marco Colantonio
Marco Colantonio
8 years ago

Be careful what you wish for, because this title may be something to be reviled and not revered. Like many, I first read this article without paying attention to the “caveat” for better or worse and I allowed my emotions to prevail over the pragmatism to which I aspire and for or this and my subsequent “knee jerk reaction”, I owe Hank Scott an apology. The idea of Person of the Year caters to our vanity and Wehoville’s application of Time Magazine’s original 1927 concept is provocative. The title Person of the Year could be duplicitous by intention, but I… Read more »

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