Waiter! Waiter! There’s a Diamond in My Martini!


Yes, the average rents in West Hollywood are climbing, as are house prices. And of course parking costs a pretty penny. Need more evidence that things have gotten out of control in our little burg (founded 30 years ago as a haven for LGBT people and to provide folks an affordable place to live)? Consider the $10,000 martini.

No, that’s not a typo (although we’ve certainly made them). That’s the price that Vaucluse, a new restaurant opening at 8210 W. Sunset Blvd. near Havenhurst, has put on its diamond martini.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the martini will be made with your choice of vodka. But what gives it a special gleam (and that stunning price) is an actual diamond. According to the Times, someone from Raffi Jewelers comes to the restaurant to drop the diamond in the glass before it’s served. No word on whether the staff is trained in the Heimlich Maneuver in the event a boozy patron actually swallows the gem.

Vaucluse is owned by Brad and Claire Cox of Australia, who will have their grand opening on Sunday, which is Australia Day. Vauclose will be open seven days a week from 1 p.m. on and plans to offer brunch beginning early next month.

Believe it or not, the Vaucluse diamond martini is a steal. At the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo, the “diamonds are forever” martini goes for $18,000. If those numbers have your head spinning, please know that there also are cheap drinks on the menu. And a nice pork chop goes for only $15. No word on how good the food is, but clearly the Coxes know how to cook up some delicious PR. Vaucluse, by the way, is the name of one of the five most expensive suburbs of Sydney, where expensive martinis are the norm.

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