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#GayPropaganda has produced 3 outstanding PSA videos that recreate iconic images of the anti-gay backlash currently plaguing Russia.

GayPropaganda "The Peace Sign" video still, showing a man being restrained while holding a rainbow flag and holding up 2 fingers for peace.

GayPropaganda "The Peace Sign" video still showing the original picture of a restrained gay rights activist.

The above pictures are stills from the video, “The Peace Sign,” which was featured through Katy Perry and Madonna’s #ArtForFreedom project. The project showcases one creative work each day on artforfreedom.com that “expresses a personal definition of freedom and revolution in the form of video, music, poetry, or photography.”

The videos offer a stark contrast between life in Russia and in West Hollywood, where the public cries out when city hall removes the rainbow flag from their premises.

GayPropganda PSA quote, "To you they are just pictures. For them it's real life."


Check out all three videos below.

You can follow #GayPropganda on YoutubeInstagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, and using the hashtag to support LGBT freedom in Russia.



“The Peace Sign” – Stand with LGBT Russia

“The Scream” – Stand with LGBT Russia

“The Flag” – Stand with LGBT Russia

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