Ooh La La! France’s Petit Q Does Another Sexy Underwear Shoot in LA

Petit Q Los Angeles video shootThose of us who are Francophiles know that les gars français are indisputably très sexy. But when it comes to promoting what it bills as the “smallest mens underwear in the world,” French-based Petit Q can’t seem to stay away from the guys in Los Angeles.

Petit Q’s latest promotional video, most definitely NSFW, was shot in Los Angeles and features seven muscular American models, all trying on underwear that is so minimalist as to make one wonder “why bother?”

The models are porn performer Cody Cummings, who, if his website is to be believed, is as polysexual as they come; LA model/go go boy/porn performer Addison “Addy” Graham; West Hollywood model Jeff Tetrealt, a Playgirl model who professes on Facebook to be interested in women and on LinkedIn to be a desk clerk at Equinox; Hollywood model Kyle Goffney; remarkably inconspicuous model (at least on the Worldwide Web) Jesse Alex, and model, filmmaker and self-proclaimed YouTube personality Eric Angelo.

It was only last December that Petit Q took the streets of West Hollywood to show off the most minimal underwear ever, in a parade down Santa Monica Boulevard captured on video that must have caused some sudden braking.

Petit Q Makeover UNcensored: The Smallest Men Underwear in the World from arthusetnico on Vimeo.

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