‘Thrillist’ Maps WeHo’s Wacky Parking

Thrillist took on the (insane) challenge of mapping parking in WeHo.
Thrillist took on the (insane) challenge of mapping parking in WeHo.

Parking in West Hollywood is a bitch. The valet services and lots are expensive, the metered spaces are hard to find and only available for up to two hours, many of the city lots garages aren’t all that convenient, and the city’s parking fines are many and exorbitant.

So hurray for Thrillist, whose Jeff Miller and Niva Norrell Smith spent a week driving around WeHo to chronicle the parking situation. What they’ve produced is a great series of maps that call out your best parking options on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays. They also note some scams. The maps are printable and should be in the glove compartment of every WeHo resident and visitor’s car. As of this morning, they will be in ours.

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8 years ago

This is exactly what happens when you have a bunch of busy queens running a city.

Larry Block
Larry Block
9 years ago

Excellent work

Jeff Miller
9 years ago

Glad you guys found these helpful!

— Jeff from Thrillist

9 years ago

If you look at a WeHo Permit map, not all of Weho is permit, there is Willoughby, in certain areas all the way toward LaCienega, Waring as well. Kings where I live is no permit. It’s tough to find and a walk after but there is still free street parking. Of course there is still street cleaning but not on the weekend, and neighbors might not like it if a ton of cars park but then again when I leave to walk/ or drive tons of waiters, store employees who can’t afford parking make the hike. Past LaCienega no such… Read more »

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