Eye Candy and LA Style at Out’s LA Fashion Week Party

Out La fashion week party

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s no question that New York City, Paris and London are the world’s fashion capitals. But while they fight amongst themselves for the title of Fashion Capital of the World, Los Angeles is quietly building its own rep.

That was evident from the wardrobes of at least some of those who attended Out magazine’s Rock Out LA Fashion Week party at the Cube at Siren Studios at 6087 W. Sunset Blvd. For example, there was Marquita Thomas, head of the LA Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, who was glam in a sleeveless black dress.  Then there was Jonny McGovern, aka “the Gay Pimp,” who struck an LA-appropriate fashion balance with a a jacket over his t-shirt.  And one couldn’t miss Jared Ciccone, the man behind “Downtown Gay LA,” whose muscular legs were accented by a pair of red shorts and ridiculously high white heels.

Photographer Matt Baume was there to capture the glitz and glamour, and some of the eye candy, all on view in the photos on the pages that follow.

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