Looney Toons: Gun Fanatic Calls West Hollywood a ‘Bastion of Crazies’

Uh, would this be the pot calling the kettle black? A columnist for a website published by “Outdoor Life,” a magazine about hunting, fishing and camping with a survivalist bent, has labeled West Hollywood part of what he calls a “bastion of crazies” because of its animal rights advocacy.

Brian Lynn of Gun and Dogs
Brian Lynn of Gun and Dogs
Bryan Lynn, who writes the “Gun Dogs” blog, praises the U.S. Sportsman Alliance’s decision to open a lobbying office in Sacramento as an important step to fight animal-friendly and anti-gun legislation in California that might influence legislators in other states.

“If California just left the lunatics to run the small asylums – that being the city limits of West Hollywood, San Francisco and the like – it wouldn’t be that big of a deal,” Lynn writes. “Unfortunately, those highly populated areas hold sway with vote-mongering politicians and can also blow up the ballot box when it comes to statewide legislation. In other words, the Golden State has become one big anti-hunting and animals-rights sanctuary.”

“From West Hollywood to the Bay area, California is a bastion for crazies,” he says. “Modern anthropomorphism of wildlife started with Disney’s Bambi in 1942, and California crazies have successfully used the tactic, as well as emotional imagery, to subvert the game commission, wildlife regulations and pet-ownership laws to fit their agenda and belief systems.”

Some of Lynn’s criticism would likely be appreciated by most West Hollywood residents. With laws banning circuses, declaring dog owners to be their guardians, banning pet shops from selling puppies and banning the sale of fur clothing, West Hollywood clearly and proudly has established a reputation as animal friendly (even though most apartment buildings don’t permit dogs).

But crazy? Idiosyncratic maybe. A gun fanatic who calls WeHo a lunatic asylum might want to take a look in his own funhouse mirror.

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Coe Holbrook
Coe Holbrook
8 years ago

First, what’s constitutes a gun fanatic? The fur ban speaks millions about the heart and soul of West Hollywood: If you’re cute and cuddly, you have rights. If you’re an old leathered cow, forget it. Or is a leather ban next? Or is the council just full of politics? Looking at that council, I thank God that rights are not merited, otherwise, we would be in big trouble. The council is a cesspool of hypocrisy. Claiming to embrace diversity, they do just the opposite. They frequently approve funding and the use of the city logo for anti-gun “discussions.” The last… Read more »

9 years ago

Yeah, he does. With a few exceptions, CA is a write-off. I once had some good times there, worked there for a while many years ago, but now it’s no longer worth regarding as a part of rational America. The inmates have commandeered the asylum. Businesses are fleeing the state, with good reason. But if you are a liberal and move to FL, leave your politics behind. We like our gun laws and we carry guns everywhere.

9 years ago

I actually think he makes a lot of good points. Go to a city council meeting sometime and listen to the public (and council) comments. They completely vindicate this guy.

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