D’Amico Named Mayor, Heilman Mayor Pro Tem of West Hollywood

John Heilman and John D'Amico
Mayor John d’Amico, right, and Mayor Pro Tem John Heilman, left

The West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously tonight to name Councilmember John D’Amico as the city’s mayor. D’Amico was nominated by Councilmember Jeffrey Prang and the nomination was seconded by Councilmember John Heilman, with whom D’Amico often has been at odds.

D’Amico nominated Heilman as Mayor Pro Tem, a title taken from the Latin phrase “mayor pro tempore,” which means “for the time being.”

As mayor, D’Amico will lead City Council meetings, sign official documents for the city and serve as the public face of West Hollywood. As mayor pro tem, Heilman will fill in for D’Amico if he is unable to attend a Council meeting.

Both D’Amico and Heilman will be officially installed in their positions on April 21. D’Amico will replace Abbe Land, who has held the mayoral position for the past year while D’Amico has served as mayor pro tem.

It’s been a tradition in West Hollywood for the Council to name the mayor pro tem as the city’s next mayor.  The position of mayor pro tem also rotates, with Heilman last having held it four years ago.


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9 years ago

Whatever u do don’t be a sell out ,,,, I have respect for you let’s see if I can keep that respect we will all be watcing

luca d
luca d
9 years ago

a lot of larry block on this site. can’t wait for the big campaign and the national coverage of the dueling under pants hustlers grappling for a seat at city hall.
electricity fills the air.
have a good tear, mr. mayor. don’t stand in one place too long or you’ll be run over by a bulldozer. beep beep, progress !

Shawn Thompson
9 years ago

So happy to see a new mayor in #weho. Congrats to Councilmember John D’Amico! I know good things will be coming from your leadership

Larry Block
Larry Block
9 years ago

Congrats to John D’amico – it’s an honor to be your friend and appointee. You have inspired me and helped to give me a voice in the community. Thank You.

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