Week Four of Varsity Gay League’s Kickball Season

Kickball Week 4 307In Week Four of Varsity Gay Leagues’ Kickball Season the Champions Division saw the following teams go at it in Veterans Park in Culver City:

  • Bloody Marys beat Suck My Kick 10-6
  • We Woke Up Like This beat Kate Moss 14-2
  • Pitches N’ Hoes beat TBD – 5-1
  • Hood Rats beat Green Avengers 23-5

And the Rock N’ Roll Division’s results were:

  • Men at Twerk beat Pitches by Crazy 4-0
  • St. Olaf Cougars beat Wrecking Balls 4-3
  • Misfits Beat Kick Ball Change 9-1

See what you missed on the pages that follow:

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