What You Missed: Sunday Funday at The Abbey

Sunday Funday at The Abbey WeHo
Sunday Funday at The Abbey WeHo

The weekend is supposed to be fun (at least for those of us who don’t have to work then). From time to time WEHOville.com likes to call out some weekend fun (and in West Hollywood, that weekend starts on Thursdays.) If you weren’t one of those who gathered at The Abbey this weekend to celebrate Sunday Funday (and why not? Lady Gaga has been there and done that), the photos that follow show you what you’re missing. Next time, right?

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9 years ago

i LOVE living in Weho, its gotten expensive but its fun to be out and about almost everyday, either the clubs or park or just walking around. Looking forward to Cooleys, Abbey is awesome and Liz T. went there a few times a couple of years ago.

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